Disputes & Reviews

Shopawl have a reputation system builtin, you can leave feedback’s to brokers/customers about the deals. Once you have submitted a feedback you cannot change it later and also you cannot delete any feedback which you submitted or received.

If you feel that broker have not fulfilled your order, or found something wrong the order, or you have not received the product. You can open dispute against it. Then Shopawl Admin can intervene  in the dispute and will find the best solution for you.

Note that Shopawl reserve the rights to kick/bank any customer/broker from the platform if the user try to scam/fraud other users.

2 thoughts on “Disputes & Reviews”

  1. since OCTOBER 2 I have this and yet no results whatsoever…. what is happening I need the product NOW.

    We’ve Fulfilled Your Order!

    Your order number #1659 has been successfully placed. Now wait for the seller to ship your item. You will be receive another email once your item has been shipped.

    If you have any question about your order. You can contact us on contact@shopawl.com or also on our facebook page.

    1. Sorry for all this issue. It was already shipped by Banggood on Oct/05/2017 02:25:49 and tracking number was RY909057055SG. This information was not forwarded to you on time because we were receiving tons of requests and also most of the team was dedicated on working on Shopawl 2.0.

      Once again we are sorry for all the inconvenience!

      Do let me know if you have any other question, we would love to help.


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