Shopawl 2.0 is now live!

It is November 14, 2017 and its a great day for us and all bitcoin enthusiasts around the world. Shopawl 2.0 is now live. After 6 months into its development we are now super excited to launch its 2.0 version. Its whole infrastructure has been redesigned with a different approach.

We have taken it further, we are not only limited to shopping experience anymore it is more than that. Now we made it peer to peer bitcoin shopping and bitcoin buying service. We give people another way to purchase bitcoins. Apply for a Broker, tell us your shopping opportunities you can provide to community or maybe give discount to people.

We are still not done yet, we will be adding more features to it slowly but steadily. If you found any problem on our website send us an email at our team will fix it asap.



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