What’s new in Shopawl 2.0?

We would love to answer this question!

Shopawl 2.0 is now a peer to peer bitcoin shopping solution and buying service. It solves many things at once. It allows user’s to shop with Bitcoins and also it allow user’s to purchase bitcoins in a very smart way without dealing with any bitcoin exchange etc.

All you need is to pay for the customer order through your credit card or any gift card and ship to them. It is also allowing user’s to withdraw value from their gift card’s and also providing opportunity to purchase bitcoins.

Public Orders which will be the feature available later on the platform will allow you fulfill order’s right away without applying for a broker. Customers can choose the discount they want it.

Be Broker, we recommend you to add your local eCommerce stores first, as it will be easier for you to fulfill the orders and faster will be delivery. You can also give user’s a small discount so your offer will be much interesting among other brokers.

Faster order processing, now it will be much faster to process orders. Customer will need to submit a order with total cost+shipping (it must be correct) then broker review it, he can add his small fee on it and also correct the amount if it is calculated wrongly. He will mention the reason why he changed the price. Everything after that will be only one click away.

It also provide you an option to get your money withdraw, if you have got a PayPal account you want to withdraw your money into local currency. Just go and fulfill any order with your PayPal money. You receive BTC and later you can exchange those BTC into your local currency. This will be very helpful for some countries.



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